"... no serious fisherman should do without ... the perfect holster for holding fishing pliers and forceps. ... His holster swings free and easy on a belt. Stays out of the way at all times and is made of the finest of soft leathers. ... Velcro fasteners allow for fast, yet simple release. ... This is the BEST plier holster on the market."

    Darryl Choronzey, Editor, Ontario Fisherman Magazine.

"The days of searching and fumbling for fishing pliers are over, thanks to the Garland Holster, which swings and pivots ... while holding pliers securely."

    John Power, Outdoors Writer, The Toronto Star.

"Just like drawing a gun in the Old West, your pliers will always be at your side, to remove hooks, adjust hooks and lures, crimp split shot and cut line."

    Don Lamont, Outdoors Writer, The Winnipeg Free Press.

"The Anglers’ Holster by Garland puts a pair of needle nose pliers at your fingertips. ... Pinching barbs, extracting hooks, cutting thick leaders, even making quick repairs ... - the right tool is just inches away."

    Mike Von Hagan, Reviewer, Western Sportsman Magazine.

"It’s unique swinging / pivoting design allows complete freedom of movement for the wearer. When you know where your pliers are at all times, you use them more often."

    Rikk Taylor, Editor, British Columbia Sport Fishing.

"Enter the Anglers’ pliers holster by Garland. ... A great deal of thought has been put into the design of the holster and tools and I can’t think of one thing to improve the system. Everything is top quality."

    Roger Taylor, Outdoors Writer, Illinois Fishing Page.

"... the forethought of this Canadian concept. The U.S.-patented Anglers’ Plier Holster [has] ... features to make it more efficient and practical. With pliers strapped to your side, you’ll find yourself using your pliers more often and for a multitude of applications. That can make a difference in your fishing."

    Louie Stout, Senior Writer, B.A.S.S. TIMES Magazine.

"When you need needle-nose pliers you need them immediately. ...Wyatt Earp used a holster to keep his six-shooter handy... Garland's Anglers' Holster Plus offers the convenience of a side holster, but the twist is that the Holster ... allows the pliers to flop out of the way when you sit. The "Plus" is a thin sheath longside the pliers ... for a hook hone or braided line scissors."

    Mike Schoonveld, Great Lakes Angler Magazine.

"... We gave the Garland Plier Holster high marks for comfort and convenience, as it swings and pivotes ... Now Garland has added "sideholders" to the holster to accommodate braided-line scissors and a hook file, making it a good choice for Great Lakes anglers ... It's a real good deal. "

    Dave Mull, Editor, Great Lakes Angler Magazine.

"The Anglers' Holster without a doubt offers The Best Quality Fishing Holster and Fishing Tools that I have ever bought. The Holster swings with ease and securely keeps the Pliers, Hook Sharpener and Scissors in place, conveniently at your fingertips. The best time saving fishing product ever made! Thanks for such a great Quality Product. It's great to finally get more for what you're paying for."

    Larry Dupere, Tournament Angler, New York State.

"This year I did 83 charters and used the plier holster every day, even in the rain. ... Your holster set still looks like new. If a holster lasted me a year it will last any other fisherman a lifetime."

    Steve Henderson, Great Lakes Charter Boat Captain.