Benefits of Using the Anglers' Holster by Garland


Field testing shows the ANGLERS’ HOLSTER® dramatically increases your use of Needle Nose Pliers (by 4X) for removing hooks, cutting line, and adjusting hooks or lures. The reason is simple - you know where your pliers are and they're easy to get at with one hand. As a result you use them more often and for a variety of tasks - and that can make a difference in your fishing!

Its also better for the fish - easy plier access ensures higher survival rates for released fish and promotes catch-and-release. The Minnesota Dept. of Natural Resources "Angler’s Guide to Catch-and-Release" recommends: "Use a needle nose pliers to remove hooks".

Our new ANGLERS’ HOLSTER PLUS® and MAX® models have either one or 2 SIDEHOLDERS that will hold our Hook File and/or Braided Line Cutters. Easy access to these tools means you use them more often.

Field testing shows consistent fishing with ultra sharp hooks results in more secure hook-ups, and more hook-ups of larger fish where you actually land the fish. Field testing also shows that easy access to Braided Line Cutters means quicker and easier lure and hook changes - so you wont hesitate to switch to a more productive set up.


We designed our ANGLERS’ HOLSTER so it works with you - all day, year in and year out. We have patented its unique features, including its Swinging / Pivoting design that allows complete freedom of movement for the wearer. The Holster actually moves with you. You can sit, bend, and step up or down comfortably and the Holster never interferes with you. When you're fishing you move around a lot, so the last thing you need is something interfering with your movement.

The ANGLERS’ HOLSTER has a quick opening Velcro Type Fastener to secure the pliers while allowing easy "thumb grip" opening or Quick Draw "pull break" plier extraction. When open, the fastener falls away to allow easy reinsertion of the pliers.

The Detachable Belt Loop fits up to 2" wide belts with no removal of the belt required to attach / detach the Holster. The open Holster end allows water to drain while the Safety End Tab prevents the plier tip from jabbing your leg. As an added bonus, the HOLSTER is designed to fit a variety of sizes of needle nose pliers or forceps - so you can actually change the tools you're using depending on the type of fishing.


The ANGLERS’ HOLSTER is made of a soft pliable leather that will not crack, stretch or rot - even after repeatedly getting wet. The hardware is brass plated to resist rust. The thread is mildew resistant nylon.

All ANGLERS’ HOLSTER products are made in Canada to our rigid specifications from Canadian and U.S. materials. They all carry a ONE YEAR WARRANTY against defects in materials and craftsmanship.

We have teamed up with one of the leading plier manufacturers to offer our ANGLERS’ HOLSTER with 8" STAINLESS STEEL Needle Nose Pliers with Side Cutters that actually work. These pliers offer superior quality and durability, and are made from forged and polished Stainless Steel so they never rust. They are warrantied for ONE FULL YEAR and are a 5 in 1 tool: extract, cut, crimp, shape and tighten.

The real proof of the ANGLERS’ HOLSTER is its usefulness. It is designed and crafted to be used, and truly lives up to our claims.

Seeing and using is believing. When you're convinced, go ahead and purchase your own. The ANGLERS’ HOLSTER is available in 3 different versions and sold in 5 different COMBO’s and ‘PRO PACKS’!

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