Anglers' Holster Benefits

Easy plier access means your pliers are easy to access with just one hand free.
Our swinging / pivoting holsters move with you for all day use.
Reliable beltloop means you don't have to remove your belt to put on or take off your holster.



Dramatic increase in use of fishing tools - to extract hooks, cut line, crimp lead, adjust hooks & lures, tighten fishing hardware and sharpen hooks. Proven Performance
Easy one hand access to the most frequently used fishing tools: Needle Nose Pliers, Hook File and Braided Line Cutters. One Hand Access
Swinging / Pivoting Holster never interferes with you - allowing complete freedom of movement whether fishing from a boat, shore or wading. Swinging / Pivoting Holster
Velcro Type Fastener secures pliers while allowing easy ‘thumb grip’ and ‘Quick Draw’ plier extraction. Quick Opening
Universal Holster Size fits 5" - 8" needle nose pliers, 5" - 6 1/2" forceps, even curved forceps. Universal Size
Detachable Belt Loop fits up to 2" wide belts with no removal of the belt to attach / detach the Holster. Detachable Belt Loop
Soft Pliable Leather will not crack, stretch or rot after getting wet. Brass Plated hardware resists rust. Soft Pliable Leather with Brass Hardware
Open Holster End allows water to drain. Safety End Tab prevents plier tip from tearing pants. Open End with Safety End Tab
Quick plier use ensures higher survival rates for released fish and promotes catch-and-release. Environmental Dividend
One Year Limited Warranty against defects in materials and craftsmanship. One Year Warranty

Detailed benefits...