About Garland Products

Garland Products is a Canadian company that designs, develops, manufactures and markets sportfishing accessories of exceptional value. The company was founded in 1993 by Gord Garland who is the President.

OUR FOCUS IS VALUE: The Combination of Price, Quality, and Proven Fishing Performance.

The U.S. Patent Office recognized the unique functional design features of our ANGLERS’ HOLSTER® products by issuing us U.S. Patent 5,388,740. A second U.S. Patent covers 4 additional independent features. We also hold several U.S. and Canadian Trade Marks.

Our unique swinging / pivoting ANGLERS’ HOLSTER®, with its ‘Quick Draw’ plier access, is widely regarded as "THE BEST plier holster on the market" and "a product that no serious fisherman should do without".

Our new ANGLERS’ HOLSTER PLUS® has the same great features with a built in SIDEHOLDER to hold either our Hook File or Braided Line Cutters. THE BEST Plier Holster JUST GOT BETTER! Our new ANGLERS’ HOLSTER MAX®, PRO PACK MAX and PRO PACK EXTREME models extend these innovations even further.

We combine high quality Pliers, Forceps, Hook Files and Cutters with our patented products. The result is Combination Packs (COMBO’s) and ‘PRO PACKS’ of truly exceptional value for the North American market.

Our patented products are manufactured to our exacting standards in Canada from the finest leather and brass plated hardware. Our Pliers, Forceps, Hook Files and Braided Line Cutters are sourced from around the world. All are QUALITY ASSURED and are covered against defects by our ONE YEAR WARRANTY. Stanley Tools and EZE-LAP Diamond Products are two of our suppliers.

In addition, we produce custom embossed products. Our varied clients for custom products include: outboard motor manufacturers, TV fishing shows, magazines, lodges and resorts, and the Bass Anglers Sportsman Society (B.A.S.S.).

From our beginning in 1993, with a great idea, we have grown to a line up of 29 products to serve the varied needs of North American anglers.

We want to hear from you!

283 Arlington Avenue Ph. # (416) 653-0870
Toronto, Ontario Fax # (416) 653-0155
Canada, M6C 2Z8 g.garland@sympatico.ca